Long Trips

Selected Images from Trips I have Taken

The highlights of this section include a trip to China in 2010, Peru in 2006, and the Canadian Rockies in 2003.

When I lived on the west coast, Hawaii was a favorite and frequent destination, to which I still return from time to time. Since moving to the east coast, Florida has become my favorite destination for winter fun in the sun.

The desert southwest is also a favorite vacation spot of mine.

Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2015-08-12 Olympic Peninsula,  Tacoma, WA to Victoria, BC 8 Collection
DONE 2015-02-25 Maui Sunset,  Kihei, Maui 15 Video
DONE 2012-02-16 Maui'd with Friends,  Hawaii, Maui 15 Video
DONE 2011-05-25 Pre-Cruise Vacation,  Philadelphia 3 Video
DONE 2010-04-15 China Odyssey,  Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hong King 17 Video
TODO2009-04-16 Vacation,  Arizona 9 Slideshow
TODO2009-01-31 Vacation,  Florida Gulf Coast 21 Slideshow
TODO2008-11-14 Vacation,  South Florida 6 Slideshow
TODO2008-04-26 Vacation,  Tucson 4 Slideshow
TODO2008-03-09 Vacation,  Tampa 7 Slideshow
DONE 2006-02-13 Machu Picchu,  Peru 6 Gallery
DONE 2006-02-13 Machu Picchu,  Peru 6 Slideshow
DONE 2003-08-04 Canadian Rockies,  Calgary to Vancouver 5 Video
DONE 2003-08-01 Canadian Rockies & Alaska,  Vancouver 16 Video
TODO2002-10-20 Vacation,  Bay Area 6 Slideshow
DONE 2001-03-03 Vacation,  Hawaii, Kauai 10 Slideshow
DONE 2000-03-27 Vacation,  Hawaii, Maui 11 Slideshow
DONE 1999-10-16 Vacation,  Hawaii, Maui, Molakai 16 Slideshow
DONE 1999-03-12 Vacation,  Hawaii, Kauai 10 Slideshow
TODO1998-06-01 Vacation,  Yosemite Slideshow
DONE 1997-11-20 Vacation,  Hawaii, Waikoloa 10 Slideshow
DONE 1996-08-01 Vacation,  Sweden, Stockholm Slideshow
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