Business Trips

I represented Rational on the C++ Standards Committee. So, twice a year I attended week-long committee meetings at numerous places around the globe. By arriving a few days before and staying a few days after each meeting (at my own expense), I was able to get some sightseeing in during most of these meetings.

In addition to the C++ Standards meetings, this section also contains pictures from some other Rational-sponsored outings.

Date Event,   Location Days Format
TODO2000-10-22 Standards Meeting,  Toronto 5 Slideshow
DONE 1999-04-10 Standards Meeting,  Dublin 9 Slideshow
DONE 1998-10-05 Standards Meeting,  Santa Cruz 5 Slideshow
DONE 1998-09-27 Rational Retreat,  Squaw Valley 3 Slideshow
DONE 1998-03-07 Standards Meeting,  Cote D'Azur 7 Slideshow
DONE 1997-07-13 Standards Meeting,  London 5 Slideshow
DONE 1997-01-01 Standards Meeting,  Hawaii, The Big Island Slideshow
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