Other Trips

Selected Images from Other Trips I have Taken

This section includes accounts of trips I have taken that did not involve my family, trains or boats. I have divided the list into three sections

  • Short Trips: These are trips of not more than three days and include trips to theme parks, zoos, aquariums and various sporting events.
  • Long Trips: These are trips of one to three weeks. Featured here are trips to China, Peru, and Hawaii.
  • Business Trips: As I member of the C++ Standards committee, I had the opportunity to visit a variety of world-class venues, including London, Dublin, Stockholm, and the Cote D’Azur. These images are not from the technical proceedings but from social activities that occurred before, during, and after the meetings.
Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2017-12-12 Blossoms of Light,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-09-22 Red Rocks Trail,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-08-14 Denver Zoo,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-07-22 Waterton Canyon,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2015-08-12 Olympic Peninsula,  Tacoma, WA to Victoria, BC 8 Collection
DONE 2015-02-25 Maui Sunset,  Kihei, Maui 15 Video
DONE 2015-01-22 Animal Kingdom,  Walt Disney World 1 Video
DONE 2014-12-19 Sea World,  Orlando 1 Video
DONE 2014-11-29 Snowbird Migration,  Interstates 84, 95 & 4 3 Slideshow
DONE 2013-12-10 Sea World,  Orlando 1 Slideshow
DONE 2012-02-16 Maui'd with Friends,  Hawaii, Maui 15 Video
DONE 2011-05-25 Pre-Cruise Vacation,  Philadelphia 3 Video
DONE 2010-04-15 China Odyssey,  Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hong King 17 Video
TODO2009-04-16 Vacation,  Arizona 9 Slideshow
TODO2009-01-31 Vacation,  Florida Gulf Coast 21 Slideshow
TODO2008-11-14 Vacation,  South Florida 6 Slideshow
TODO2008-09-06 Outing,  Monterey 1 Slideshow
TODO2008-04-26 Vacation,  Tucson 4 Slideshow
TODO2008-03-09 Vacation,  Tampa 7 Slideshow
DONE 2006-02-13 Machu Picchu,  Peru 6 Gallery
DONE 2006-02-13 Machu Picchu,  Peru 6 Slideshow
DONE 2003-08-04 Canadian Rockies,  Calgary to Vancouver 5 Video
DONE 2003-08-01 Canadian Rockies & Alaska,  Vancouver 16 Video
TODO2002-10-20 Vacation,  Bay Area 6 Slideshow
TODO2001-10-13 CART,  Laguna Seca 2 Slideshow
TODO2001-09-08 American Le Mans,  Laguna Seca 2 Slideshow
TODO2001-08-20 Monterey Historics,  Laguna Seca 1 Slideshow
DONE 2001-03-03 Vacation,  Hawaii, Kauai 10 Slideshow
TODO2000-10-22 Standards Meeting,  Toronto 5 Slideshow
TODO2000-05-10 Outing,  Pacbell Park 1 Slideshow
DONE 2000-03-27 Vacation,  Hawaii, Maui 11 Slideshow
DONE 1999-10-16 Vacation,  Hawaii, Maui, Molakai 16 Slideshow
DONE 1999-04-10 Standards Meeting,  Dublin 9 Slideshow
DONE 1999-03-12 Vacation,  Hawaii, Kauai 10 Slideshow
DONE 1998-10-05 Standards Meeting,  Santa Cruz 5 Slideshow
DONE 1998-09-27 Rational Retreat,  Squaw Valley 3 Slideshow
TODO1998-06-01 Vacation,  Yosemite Slideshow
DONE 1998-03-07 Standards Meeting,  Cote D'Azur 7 Slideshow
DONE 1997-11-20 Vacation,  Hawaii, Waikoloa 10 Slideshow
DONE 1997-07-13 Standards Meeting,  London 5 Slideshow
DONE 1997-01-01 Standards Meeting,  Hawaii, The Big Island Slideshow
DONE 1996-08-01 Vacation,  Sweden, Stockholm Slideshow
TODO1996-07-01 Outing,  Pinnacles Slideshow
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