When I was growing up, we had a Lionel O-Scale train which circled under the tree every Christmas. When I was a teenager, my father started a project to build an HO layout in the basement, but it didn’t get very far. There was little interest from me or my brothers.

It wasn’t until I was out of school and starting a career in Urbana-Champaign, that I developed a real interest in model railroading. The local hobby shop specialized in N-Scale equipment, so that was the scale that I adopted. When I left Urbana-Champaign in 1978, I had a 8×12 layout in the back of my garage. (I am still trying to find the photos I must have taken of it. When I do, they will be here.)

Selected Images on Railroading

When I moved to California, it took me 15 years to get back into the hobby. For once in my life, I was busy working at a real job and had little time for hobbies. In addition, housing was expensive and I could not afford extra rooms for an indoor layout in any scale.

Then, I discovered G-Scale, which was relatively new in the early nineties, but growing quickly in popularity. The primary advantage of G-Scale was that you didn’t have to sacrifice space in your home to run trains, they could run outdoors in your garden! Another attraction was that to build an outdoor layout in G-Scale, you had to get your hands dirty and solve real-world problems. And it didn’t hurt that the hobby shop just ten blocks away was the largest supplier of G-Scale trains in the area and that the Bay Area Garden Railroad Society (BAGRS) was a large and very active club of garden railroaders.

Since 1982, US garden railroaders have held an annual national convention hosted by one of the numerous clubs in the US. At a National Garden Railroad Convention (NGRC), attendees not only visit the garden railroads of the hosting club members, but also take excursions to railroad museums and tourist railroads in the convention area. After attending just one of these conventions, I became a rail fan. So, now I enjoy riding trains as well as running them.

The list on this page contains all of my slideshows and videos that feature railroads or railroading. The RAILROADING menu items show subsets of this list focusing on RAIL-FAN EXCURSIONS, G-SCALE CONVENTIONS, and MY LAYOUTS, respectively.

Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2019-02-19 LEGO Station Build,  BrickLink 60 Slideshow
DONE 2019-02-17 LEGO Ten Wheeler,  BrickLink 15 Slideshow
DONE 2018-01-26 CRMF Tour,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2018-01-01 Nona Meyet Railroad,  Aurora, Colorado 270 Collection
DONE 2017-12-25 Christmas Layout,  Aurora, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2015-07-06 NGRC 2015,  Denver, CO 5 Video
DONE 2015-06-23 BTOC Convention,  North Conway, NH 5 Slideshow
DONE 2012-01-01 Riverwood Railroad,  Carlisle 3 Clip
DONE 2011-07-28 River Roads at the BTO,  Carlisle 1 Clip
DONE 2011-07-26 BTO Convention,  Boston 4 Video
TODO2009-07-03 NGRC #25,  Denver 9 Slideshow
DONE 2008-06-01 Overhead Railway,  Carlisle 2 Clip
DONE 2008-05-05 The Copper Canyon, Mexico,  Sierra Madre Express 7 Video
TODO2008-04-29 NGRC #24,  Phoenix 6 Slideshow
DONE 2007-12-25 Christmas Train,  Carlisle 1 Clip
DONE 2007-12-24 The Night Before Christmas,  Carlisle, Massachusetts 1 Video
DONE 2007-06-30 Great Southwestern Train Spectacular,  Nevada, Utah, Arizona 9 Video
TODO2007-06-27 NGRC #23,  Las Vegas 4 Slideshow
DONE 2006-12-25 Christmas Train,  Carlise 1 Clip
DONE 2006-09-16 Notch Train, White Mountains,  North Conway 2 Video
TODO2006-07-03 NGRC #22,  Santa Clara 7 Slideshow
DONE 2006-06-24 Great Western Railroad Adventure,  California, Nevada 9 Video
DONE 2005-08-06 Mt Washington Cog Railway,  Mt. Washington, New Hampshire 1 Video
TODO2005-08-05 Conway Scenic Railway,  North Conway, NH 2 Slideshow
DONE 2004-11-10 St. Kitts Railroad,  St. Kitts 1 Video
TODO2004-08-02 BTO Convention,  Mystic 3 Slideshow
DONE 2004-06-01 Western National Parks,  American Orient Express 8 Video
DONE 2003-08-02 Clickety Clack,  British Columbia 2 Clip
DONE 2003-08-01 Rocky Mountainer, Banff,  Canadian Rockies 9 Video
TODO2003-07-10 NGRC #19,  Sacramento 4 Slideshow
DONE 2002-10-20 Overhead Railroad Construction,  Carlisle 10 Blog
DONE 2002-06-01 Just Something Running in the Garden,  Carlisle 3 Blog
DONE 2001-12-05 Rambuco Railroad,  Cupertino, CA 1 Gallery
DONE 2001-12-05 Rambuco Railroad,  Cupertino, CA 1 Slideshow
DONE 2001-11-18 BAGRS Open House,  Santa Clara 1 Video
DONE 2001-08-25 NGRC #17,  Seattle 5 Slideshow
DONE 2001-08-08 NGRC #17,  Seattle 5 Gallery
DONE 2001-01-01 Garden Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 2001-01-01 Livingroom Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 2000-12-25 Christmas Train,  Cupertino 1 Clip
TODO2000-07-04 NGRC #16,  San Diego 5 Slideshow
TODO2000-06-07 Queen Mary Show,  Long Beach 5 Slideshow
DONE 1999-12-31 Quick Look,  Santa Clara & Carlisle 36500 Slideshow
DONE 1999-07-28 NGRC #15,  Chicago 5 Slideshow
DONE 1999-01-01 Cubical Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 1998-12-14 Office Layout,  Cupertino 1 Blog
DONE 1998-10-01 Building Office Layout,  Cupertino 4 Slideshow
DONE 1998-07-01 NGRC #14,  Santa Clara 3 Slideshow
DONE 1997-12-25 Christmas Trains,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
TODO1996-05-01 NGRC #12,  Florida Slideshow
TODO1995-08-01 Railfan Vacation,  Eurorail Slideshow
TODO1994-08-01 Railfan Vacation,  Colorado Slideshow
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