Rocky Mountaineer, 2003


This adventure started in Vancouver, BC. From there, I took the scenic Rocky Mountaineer through Kamloops to Calgary.

In preparing these videos of the trip, I used, in 2003, Memories on TV 3 and Muvee autoProducer.

For this trip I used a DiMage 7Hi for stills and a Sony DCR-IP55 for videos. While the IP55 is capable of recording high quality videos in the DV format, that quality has been compromised by the tortuous route taken by the images from the camera to this album. I do not have digital versions of the original videos, instead I generated this album from the videos derived from the original segments using the software tools mentioned above. Those tools generated MPEG-2 videos and I have converted those to the MPEG-4 format for uploading to Vimeo.

This rail excursion was part of a longer trip that continued from Calgary by bus through the Canadian Rockies and by cruise ship through Alaska's Inside Passage.

This is Vimeo album 2786398.

To book or learn more about this travel experience, please visit the Rocky Mountaineer website