Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2015


I spent a few hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in January, 2015. It was a testbed for the Sony RX10 I had just bought to replace my Canon EOS 4Ti on more distance travels.

This album includes images from that excursion plus a short video composed from some of those images and some of the video that I took at the same time (using the RX10).

This is Vimeo album 3251171.

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2015 [0:07:46] : This video was rendered using Sony's Vegas Pro 13. The Vegas Pro project was generated by a C# script that drove the Vegas Pro application via its programming API. This script reads a PSD file in which each photo and video is represented by a layer within the PSD image. The ordering of the layers determines the order in which each image and video is visited in the video. Additional layers also contain the captions that are included in the video. The motion from image to image and the panning of each image is controlled by a text file of parameters. The music pieces used in the soundtrack, "Carefree" and "The Life of Riley," are by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0(!)

  • Animal Kingdom Slides [0:00:25] :   This interactive slideshow displays images captured January 22, 2015 at the Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando Florida. The images are also available on Flickr.(!)