Re-Maui'd with Friends


This trip was my 4th visit to Maui in 16 years. All 4 times I have stayed in the Kihei area. This was my second time at the Maui Sunset.

This is Vimeo album 3338001.

  • Maui Slides, February, 2015 [0:00:25] :   During the first week of this two-week stay, I revisited the Wailea Beach Path, the Makena Road area, and Kamaole Beach Park. For the first time, I visited the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, the Andaz Maui at Wailea, the Kihei Cafe, and the Mana Kai Maui.

    The images are also available on Flickr. The soundtrack, Music for Manatees, is by Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0(!)

  • Walking the Wailea Beach Path, February, 2015 [0:09:59] : Walking the Beach Path at Wailea-Makena is a delightful way to spend a few hours enjoying the beauty of both nature and man.

  • Whale Splashing [0:00:28] : This is an image of a humpback whale waving its pectoral fin as it swims just below the surface on its side. Toward the end of the clip you can see the whale's head and then its hump as it rolls back onto its belly. This is footage taken with an RX10 at full 200mm zoom from the 4th floor of the Maui Sunset condominium. I've cropped the original HD footage to 960x540 both to make playback more efficient and to enlarge the image (effectively doubling the focal length to 400mm).

  • Whales on the Move [0:00:39] : This is another video taken with my RX10 (zoomed to 200mm) from the 4th floor of the Maui Sunset in Kihei. It was made at 6:40 pm in the midst of a rather spectacular Maui sunset. It captures three humpback whales swimming into Ma'alaea Bay. The ships in the background are various sunset/whale-watching cruises out of Ma'alaea.

  • Maui Slides, March, 2015 [0:00:25] :   During the second week of this visit I returned to Maui Tropical Plantations, the Maui Ocean Center, Whalers Village, and Ho'okipa Beach. For the first time, I visited the Kahili Golf Course, the Waihou Springs Trail, and Mama's Fish House. I also took another whale watching cruise out of Ma'alaea.

    The images are also available on Flickr. The soundtrack, Perspectives, is by Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0(!)

  • Maui Tropical Plantations, March 5, 2015 [0:07:33] : We spent a couple of hours here. Took the tram tour. It has changed considerably since I last visited it some fifteen years ago.

    This video was generated using the Lightroom 6 Slideshow feature. It has some serious flaws, but it does allow presentation of a mixture of stills and videos in one show.(!)

  • Maui Ocean Center, March 6, 2015 [0:08:07] : An nice place to spend a rainy afternoon on Maui.

    The video was generated using Sony Vegas Pro driven by a C# script whose input was a layered PSD (providing the layout of the images) and a text file (specifying the order in which the images are to be visited and how they are displayed).(!)

  • The Maui Sunset Collection [0:05:25] : I recorded eight sunsets during my two-week stay in Kihei in 2015. Images are presented chronologically.

  • Ho'okipa Beach Park, March 2015 [0:06:20] : A couple of hours at the famed Ho'okipa Beach Park watching surfers, monk seals, and green sea turtles.

  • Along the Kaanapali Beachwalk, March 2015 [0:08:35] : On the last day of my visit, we spent four hours walking Ka'anapali Beach (including lunch). We saw more whales at play here than we did on the whale watching cruise that followed later that day.

  • Whales Frolicking at Ka'anapali Beach [0:03:30] : This is a composite of three videos taken while strolling along the Ka'anapali Beachwalk on March 10, 2015. The whales frolicked just off the beach for much longer than this video runs. It was quite a show and better than all the sightings I have experienced on all the whale-watching expeditions I have ever been on. The footage was taken at HD resolution on an RX10 and then cropped to 960x540 before uploading. The effective focal length of the video is thus 400 mm.

  • Whale Watching, March, 2015 [0:07:56] : We didn't see that many whales up close, but we had a good time and the sunset on the water was rather impressive.

  • The Maui Sunset Neighborhood [0:15:24] : This is collection contains stills and videos taken in and around our condo at the Maui Sunset.