Chesapeake Bay Cruise, 1974


In 1974, Dick got a new, larger sailboat and named it Sea Fever (a 1964 Ted Hood 37' yawl). That summer, he took it on a cruise to Chesapeake Bay.

In June, Sea Fever sailed/motored from Ithaca, NY through the Seneca and Erie canals, down the Hudson River and then offshore from New York City to Cape Henry at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. I was on the boat between New York City and Crisfield, Maryland. Later, in July, I rejoined Sea Fever and sailed/motored with the family up Chesapeake Bay, through the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, out Delaware Bay, and then offshore back to New York City. There I debarked, while Sea Fever continued its voyage up the Hudson River, through the Erie and Seneca canals and down Lake Cayuga back to Ithaca.

(All GPS coordinates are approximate.)

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  • Delivery Cruise, 1974 : The cruise started with an offshore, nonstop sail from New York City to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Undoubtedly, we then continued at a more leisurely pace, exploring the south end of the Bay and stopping each night for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, I do not have a record of the precise itinerary. I have identified Crisfield, Maryland as my jumping-off point, but that is only a guess on my part. In 2011, I stopped in Crisfield and visited Tangier Island and the last images of this cruise reminded me of that area.

  • Chesapeake Bay Family Cruise, 1974 : With the Conway family, I visited St. Michaels, Annapolis, and Baltimore, Maryland and some other Chesapeake ports that I cannot remember or identify. Then we sailed north, out Delaware Bay, and then offshore to New York City.

    (I literally hoped off the boat at the Battery and walked into the city without being questioned or my bags searched!)