Maui, 2000


Pictures taken March 27-April 6, 200 on a vacation to Maui staying at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa (at least that's what it's called, now). All pictures were taken with a 2.5MP Olympus C2500L.

I spent most of the time in the Wailea-Makena area of East Maui, but also found time to hike the Hoapili trail south of Makena and the Waihee River Trail on the east coast of West Maui.

This is Flickr collection 72157647623281782.

  • Wailea-Makena, 2000 : I spent most of my time, this vacation, just hanging out at the hotel, exploring the Wailea Beach Path, and enjoying the sunsets.

  • Noapili Trail, 2000 : I came down here, twice in my ten-day stay. It's a different type of scenery.

  • West Maui, 2000 : Since Haleakala was socked in on the day I chose to explore it, I drove over to the west shore of West Maui to have a look around. It was very windy and I did not venture very far up the west shore.

    On another day, I hiked the Waihee River Trail on the east shore of West Maui and then stopped at the Maui Tropical Plantation on the way back.

  • Above Maui, 2000 : All of these pictures were taken at or above 8000 feet. Most are from the flights in and out of Kahului, Maui, there are also a few pictures from the top of Haleakala. I was hoping for more of the crater, but it was totally socked in on the day I choose to explore it.