Rail-Fan Excursions

Selected Images from Rail-Fan Excursions

Once I started to model railroads and railroading communities, I wanted to see first hand the prototypes I was modeling. This interest has taken me to several venues throughout the world. Many of these prototypes were visited in conjunction with one of the garden railroader events that I attended and are covered in that section.

In this section are excursions involving full-sized railroads that were not part of my garden railroading experience. In some cases, the primary mode of transportation was the train itself, in other cases, the primary mode of transportation was a bus, which took us from railroad to railroad.

Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2018-01-26 CRMF Tour,  Denver, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2008-05-05 The Copper Canyon, Mexico,  Sierra Madre Express 7 Video
DONE 2007-06-30 Great Southwestern Train Spectacular,  Nevada, Utah, Arizona 9 Video
DONE 2006-09-16 Notch Train, White Mountains,  North Conway 2 Video
DONE 2006-06-24 Great Western Railroad Adventure,  California, Nevada 9 Video
DONE 2005-08-06 Mt Washington Cog Railway,  Mt. Washington, New Hampshire 1 Video
TODO2005-08-05 Conway Scenic Railway,  North Conway, NH 2 Slideshow
DONE 2004-11-10 St. Kitts Railroad,  St. Kitts 1 Video
DONE 2004-06-01 Western National Parks,  American Orient Express 8 Video
DONE 2003-08-02 Clickety Clack,  British Columbia 2 Clip
DONE 2003-08-01 Rocky Mountainer, Banff,  Canadian Rockies 9 Video
TODO1995-08-01 Railfan Vacation,  Eurorail Slideshow
TODO1994-08-01 Railfan Vacation,  Colorado Slideshow
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