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Selected Images of my Layouts

I am into model railroading primarily because I like to build small worlds and see them run. I’m not into operation–when I’m not building or rebuilding a layout, I prefer to just sit back and watch a train or two wander through the world I have created. I’m not a rivet counter–I gladly mix and match locomotives, road names, consists, railroading eras, and even scales as long as the trains run well and look ‘nice’. Scenery, buildings, people and cars are necessary to make the model world seem real enough for a train to be passing through it, but it doesn’t have to be all that detailed and precise if it’s going to be viewed no closer than 10 feet.

I’m not a craftsman. Most of my buildings are made from commercially available plastic kits. I buy people and cars already assembled and painted. Currently on my outdoor layout in Massachusetts I have a dollhouse made by PlayMobile. It’s about the right scale for garden railroads and, although it has only three walls, it looks much like a quaint hotel perched on a hill in the rural countryside. Also on this layout I have a castle (also by PlayMobile) and a hillside of jurassic creatures penned in by a simulated wooden fence. There’s also a lighthouse on the top of a hill with no water anywhere in sight.  But it works for me.

I currently have seven independent layouts: 4 G-Scale, 2 N-Scale, and 1 HO-Scale. The HO-Scale layout is just a small 2×4 foot switching layout. The N-Scale layouts are built almost exclusively from Kato components. One features high-speed Japanese bullet trains and the other is a small urban transit system.

Two of the G-Scale layouts are outdoors: one in the front of the house, one in the back yard. The other two G-Scale layouts are indoors: one upstairs and one downstairs. The one upstairs is suspended seven feet from the floor and runs Swiss Rhätische Bahn equipment. Downstairs is a more traditional basement layout running early American narrow-gauge trains.

The slideshows and videos in this list show these layouts as well as the layouts I had in California and in Illinois.

Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2019-02-19 LEGO Station Build,  BrickLink 60 Slideshow
DONE 2019-02-17 LEGO Ten Wheeler,  BrickLink 15 Slideshow
DONE 2018-01-01 Nona Meyet Railroad,  Aurora, Colorado 270 Collection
DONE 2017-12-25 Christmas Layout,  Aurora, Colorado 1 Slideshow
DONE 2012-01-01 Riverwood Railroad,  Carlisle 3 Clip
DONE 2011-07-28 River Roads at the BTO,  Carlisle 1 Clip
DONE 2008-06-01 Overhead Railway,  Carlisle 2 Clip
DONE 2007-12-25 Christmas Train,  Carlisle 1 Clip
DONE 2007-12-24 The Night Before Christmas,  Carlisle, Massachusetts 1 Video
DONE 2006-12-25 Christmas Train,  Carlise 1 Clip
DONE 2002-10-20 Overhead Railroad Construction,  Carlisle 10 Blog
DONE 2002-06-01 Just Something Running in the Garden,  Carlisle 3 Blog
DONE 2001-12-05 Rambuco Railroad,  Cupertino, CA 1 Gallery
DONE 2001-12-05 Rambuco Railroad,  Cupertino, CA 1 Slideshow
DONE 2001-01-01 Garden Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 2001-01-01 Livingroom Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 2000-12-25 Christmas Train,  Cupertino 1 Clip
DONE 1999-12-31 Quick Look,  Santa Clara & Carlisle 36500 Slideshow
DONE 1999-01-01 Cubical Layout,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
DONE 1998-12-14 Office Layout,  Cupertino 1 Blog
DONE 1998-10-01 Building Office Layout,  Cupertino 4 Slideshow
DONE 1997-12-25 Christmas Trains,  Santa Clara 1 Blog
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