Through the Ages…

According to my parents, I was conceived under the influence of a Bacchanalian celebration of the successful D-day invasion. 270 days later I was born at 9:00 pm. I have two brothers and a sister: Pete is 1.5 years older, Dave is 2.5 years younger, and Pat is 5.5 years younger. They were all conceived in the harsh December weather of upstate New York. Curiously, my birthday and my brothers’ birthdays all occur on the same day of the week each year.

My father was a chemical engineer for Eastman Kodak, which probably explains why I was into photography at an early age. My first summer job was as an edge-print operator in the dark rooms of the 70mm department of Kodak and my first professional coding employment was programming a PDP-8 to control the manufacture of the emulsions used in Kodak’s Roll-Coating Division. (It was called Roll-Coating because the photo-sensitive emulsions were applied to the film’s acetate base by rolling it through a vat of the freshly cooked emulsion using a slowly revolving, three-story-high drum.)

Family Photos

DNA analysis estimates my ancestors are from western Europe (48%), Ireland (21%), Great Britain (16%) and Scandinavia (9%). This seems to be consistent with my family tree, in which my grandparents are named Wellman, Wegman, Hanlon, and Wilcox.

My parents met in Ann Arbor, MI while attending the University of Michigan. My maternal grandfather was also a Michigan graduate, so it should be no surprise that I am, too. After earning a PHD in computer science from Cornell University, I taught computer science at the University of Illinois for seven years. Then I moved on to a more lucrative job with Intel, in silicon valley. After four years at Intel, I decided I was more interested in software development than hardware development, so I joined the fledgeling Rational Machines, where I stayed until retiring in 2009. (Rational Machines became just plain Rational and then IBM Rational, and developed software management software for large corporations.)

Date Event,   Location Days Format
DONE 2018-07-20 Colorado Expedition,  Southwest Colorado 14 Collection
DONE 2018-04-23 Asher's Bears,  CherryCreek, Colorado 1 Collection
DONE 2017-01-28 Swim Meet,  Boca Raton 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-01-27 Botanical Garden,  Naples, FL 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-01-24 Corkscrew Swamp,  Naples, FL 1 Slideshow
DONE 2017-01-24 Clam Pass Park,  Naples, FL 4 Slideshow
DONE 2017-01-23 Family Vacation,  Naples, Florida 7 Collection
DONE 2015-07-02 House Warming,  Denver, CO 4 Album
DONE 2013-12-23 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 7 Slideshow
TODO2009-12-24 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 4 Slideshow
DONE 2009-09-25 Homecoming,  Ann Arbor 2 Video
TODO2009-08-18 Pete & Pat's Visit,  Newport, RI 2 Slideshow
TODO2009-07-23 Train, Zoo, Hands-On,  Ann Arbor 3 Slideshow
DONE 2008-07-11 Stockcar Racing Experience,  Pocono, PA 4 Video
DONE 2008-07-11 Things to Do,  Allentown, PA 4 Video
DONE 2007-12-25 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 3 Video
DONE 2007-11-22 Thanksgiving,  Providence, Rhode Island 1 Video
DONE 2007-09-22 U of Michigan Football,  Ann Arbor, Michigan 1 Video
DONE 2007-08-25 Kwoh Family Reunion,  Ridgefield, Connecticut 1 Video
DONE 2007-03-18 Pete & Pat's Reaffirmation,  Turks & Caicos 8 Video
TODO2006-12-25 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 1 Slideshow
DONE 2006-08-30 Tracy's Wedding,  Estes Park 5 Video
DONE 2005-05-28 My Nephew's Wedding,  Chicago 1 Video
TODO2004-12-24 Buck's Christmas,  Ann Arbor 3 Slideshow
TODO2004-08-07 Family Vacation,  Denver 7 Slideshow
TODO2003-05-10 Family Vacation,  Allentown 3 Slideshow
TODO2002-12-25 Christmas,  Carlisle 10 Slideshow
TODO2002-12-22 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 4 Slideshow
TODO2002-11-30 Family Vacation,  Disney World 3 Slideshow
TODO2001-12-22 Christmas,  Ann Arbor 8 Slideshow
DONE 2000-05-04 Family Vacation,  Disney World 5 Slideshow
TODO1999-06-11 Tracy's Graduation, UCLA,  Los Angeles 10 Slideshow
TODO1996-04-01 Family Vacation,  Disney World Slideshow
DONE 1994-10-22 Eric's Wedding,  Ann Arbor, MI 1 Slideshow
DONE 1991-07-24 Junior National Diving Championship,  St. Louis, MO 1 Slideshow
DONE 1987-09-01 Bogart,  Santa Clara Blog
DONE 1987-09-01 Bacall,  Santa Clara & Carlisle Blog
DONE 1980-06-01 TC,  Santa Clara Blog
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