Things to do in Allentown, PA


In July, 2008, I visited my nephew, Eric, and his family for a few days. I was there primarily to collect a Christmas gift at Pocono Raceway, but we found other things to do as well.

This is Vimeo album 2764590.

  • Trident Club [0:02:21] : A lazy summer afternoon at the local swim club.

  • Crayola Factory [0:04:02] : The Crayola Factory (*Ü*) in Easton, PA, features 21 attractions that allow kids to "explore art and technology, express their creativity, and experience color in a whole new way." It was completely reimagined in 2013. This video was produced in 2008 using the then-current version of Muvee Reveal (*Ü*).

  • Stockcar Racing Experience, Pocono Raceway, 2008 [0:13:01] : As a Christmas gift from the "Ann Arbor Wilcoxes", I was given the opportunity to drive, at speed, 8 laps of the Pocono Raceway in a stockcar (*Ü*). I did this July 14, 2008.