Alpha Carina, 1973-75


I got the sailing bug while I was in graduate school at Cornell. In 1973 I bought a Cal T/4 and christened it Alpha Carina (my first keel boat). Alpha Carina also turned out to be my last keel boat. In this collection are some pictures I took of the boat on Cayuga Lake and on two cruises: one from Ithaca to Toronto and another from Toronto to Ithaca.

This is Flickr collection 72157649810158912.

  • Alpha Carina, 1973 : Alpha Carina is a Cal T/4 designed to the Quarter-Ton racing rules.

  • Ithaca to Toronto, 1974 : In 1974-75, I spent a year on sabbatical from the University of Illinois at the University of Toronto. Since Toronto is on Lake Ontario, I moved Alpha Carina to Toronto to enjoy the sailing opportunities there.

    These are the scant few images I have retained from the trip north. To get from Ithaca to Toronto by boat, one must first motor through the Seneca, Erie, and Oswego canals from Lake Cayuga to Oswego, New York.

    From Oswego one can then sail to Toronto. A direct sail from Oswego to Toronto is a long, uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous haul in a small boat. So the trip is made in short hops counter-clockwise around the lake, stopping in the Thousand Islands, Kingston, and the Bay of Quinte.

    I have not found in my archives my log of the trip nor the pictures I took on it. Most likely we stopped at many of the same places we visited on the trip back to Ithaca the next year. In this collection are pictures of the New York State canal, Oswego, and the Toronto Islands Park, where the boat was birthed while I was in Toronto.

  • Toronto, 1974-75 : While in Toronto, I lived in an apartment at The Summerhill just off Yonge Street in the Summerhill neighborhood of Toronto.

    In this collection are some images of Toronto while on sabbatical.

  • Toronto to Ithaca, 1975 : At the end of the 1974-75 school year, I decided to return to the University of Illinois rather than emigrate to Canada and take a position at the University of Toronto. These images are from the cruise I took to get Alpha Carina back to Ithaca.

    This cruise was taken at a more leisurely pace, I took more pictures, and have been able to piece together more precisely where we stopped on our daily hops clockwise around the shore of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Oswego, New York.

    I do not have a record nor do I remember the exact locations where we anchored or moored each night, but I have been able to reconstruct the itinerary (to within a few miles) based on the pictures I took and have retained.